An Unconventional 4th

5 Jul

I don’t really celebrate the 4th of July. It seems to be a bit of a “nothing” holiday that rednecks use as an excuse to light off fireworks every. single. night. for the entire month of July. Yay for American independence. Boo for match-happy rednecks.

That said, I did have a fun 4th 😀 My friend Elizabeth slept over in our tent. We had a flavor-tripping party (more info on this later), went shopping, held a crash course in makeup, subsequently learned that I am a terrible teacher, watched Get Smart, told embarrassing childhood mishaps, went shopping again, trudged up my mile-long hill, and took awkward pictures of each other looking fabulous in Party City.

People say that holidays are all about family and togetherness, but I disagree. Sometimes the best thing to do when holiday tensions are running high is to step back from your crazed screwball family and spend a little more time with your friends. Happy July, everyone!



She won ALLL the medals…for being fabulous 😉


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