Too Tall for the Monkey Bars (My Childhood Park Experience)

3 Jul

Yesterday I was watching my siblings while my mother worked, so I decided to take them to the park I’d loved as a child. Once there, I got incredibly bored of sitting in the shade like all of the other guardians-of-small-children (I really hope they didn’t think I was their mother), so I called my friend-who-lives-nearby to come join me in my boredom. She arrived, we sat down, promptly got bored, and decided to actually play in the park.

We first decided to pay a visit to this amazing climbing tree that I used to love. As soon as we got settled, some small child decided to climb right past us and back down again, stepping on my fingers in the process. We talked for a while, got sap in our hair, and hopped gracelessly back to ground level.

After Elizabeth wrenched her shoulders 360 degrees in an attempt to prove she could still do a back flip on those horizontal bars, we attempted the monkey bars. We were actually too tall (and weak) to hold ourselves up. We consoled ourselves by chasing my siblings around the park (never too old for that) and making strange hybrid animals with a toy that’s meant to teach kids how to put segments of animals into proper order.

I’m not sure what I learned from this experience, but it was interesting. I still have blisters.


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