Waiting on the Big Reveal

2 Jul

The month of July is full of deadlines and big reveals.

Back in May, I took the AP US History test, which I shamefully did not prepare for in the slightest, and in 4 days the scores are released. They’re scored 1-5, 3 is considered passing. I’ll take a 4 and be pleased with myself. History is not my strong subject. I get the people confused and I cannot for the life me of remember dates.

On July 17 I find out if I made enough of an impression to be a teen columnist (I’m strongly pessimistic, as per usual). It would be a great opportunity but I’m sure there are much better writers out there with better ideas that are older and wiser and taller and…ad infinitum.

Shifting from academics, I’ll also find out if my mother’s aggressive house-hunting has paid off. She’s fallen in love with 4 houses in the past month so I truly have no expectations. Currently, she’s eyeing one 35 minutes away from my school. Super duper.

Right now, though, I need to make my siblings lunch and take them to the park. Love these new driving privileges. I’m thinking PB&J. Who doesn’t like PB&J?


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