Mother Appreciation

26 Jun

I’m a bit late on the bandwagon (try a month too late), but I had a thought that I needed to share with you guys.

My mother’s a doctor, and before qualifying for partial disability a few years ago, she used to work ALL THE TIME. Seven to five, overnight call, you name it. Because of this constant occupation, she was rarely able to attend any of my school functions. I was too young to understand it at the time, or perhaps I just needed someone to blame, because I was always disappointed. There were all the other kids with their mothers or fathers or even older siblings towering above us youngsters, and I was forced to sit with to a friend’s family like a lost puppy.

Since I’ve become wise to the ways of busy adult life, I’ve forgiven her for her absentee status at graduations, Poetry-and-Punch, and school picnics. I’ve seen how hard she works to provide for us. And she does complain about the price of gas, organic produce, and my retainer, but she never complains about that.


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