Supernatural Season 2 Review

25 Jun

I am on a roll with these TV reviews today! Next up, season 2 of the TV show Supernatural (see season 1 review here). Warning: season 1 spoilers ahead.

A sure sign that I liked it is the fact that I blew through all 22 episodes of season 2 in less than 4 days. I tend to devour TV shows on instant Netflix :\ But on to the review!

Even after the novelty of the demon hunting wore off after season 1, I really enjoyed the second season. It explores the hidden dimensions of both Dean and Sam (secrets, desires, pasts, etc.) and introduces a few new (hopefully) permanent characters to the show. After the death of John Winchester at the end of the first season, the brothers are forced to move on and continue to hunt the yellow-eyed demon that killed him.

An interesting additional facet to the already-twisted pastime of demon hunting is the question of morality, as some of the hunted are either humans or “innocent” spirits and creatures. The rule of “shoot first, ask questions later” begins to blur. It’s interesting to see how the polar-opposite brothers react to this startling change of events.

Without giving too much away, the season finale is a showstopper; I had my heart in my throat for every minute of it. The demon’s plans for Sam and the other children like him are slowly revealed and they are, well, demonic. It’s tough not to reveal any spoilers with this one! All I can say is that this show is addicting and I still highly recommend it 😀 Cheers and happy haunting!


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