Lemonade Stand

22 Jun

A few of our neighbors are taking advantage of one of the first hot days of summer by setting up a lemonade stand in our empty cul-de-sac. Seeing them wilting under the summer sun brought up a few memories.

My first lemonade stand was intended as an introduction to the principles of business by my father when I was about 8. I went with him to buy the lemons, having been forced to sacrifice quality for price (43 cents per lemon was a lot to an 8 year-old). I cut and squeezed every lemon and taste-tested 3 unsatisfactory batches of lemon-and-water mixture before I was informed that the mystery ingredient was in fact sugar. After working out the perfect recipe, I made a sign, set prices, and trooped down the mile-long hill to sit on the corner with the most traffic for the better part of the day. It was hot and buggy and boring, but I had my book to keep me company. I got a few customers; one lady gave me a twenty and never asked for change. Another bought 2 cups of lemonade- one for herself and one for her labrador.

That lemonade stand experience taught me that, no matter how much time and money and back-breaking effort you put into something, you’re not guaranteed to get it back. And it sucks. And there’s not a whole lot you can do about it. I barely broke even on my lemon investment that day, and let me tell you: that lemonade was amazing. 


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