My Friend the Incorrigible Juju

13 Jun

So I have this friend, right? And she’s amazing:) She blogged about me yesterday on (go check her out, she posts amusingly-captioned pictures of her many animals), so I decided to return the favor.

I’ve only known Juju for a year and a half, but it feels like an eternity. Like her, I’m still not entirely sure how we met, but we instantly recognized our potential friendship.

She’s one of those people that will take your insecurities and turn them around on themselves to resemble strengths. She is the most amazing listener, but she doesn’t take crap from anyone. ANYONE (including our entire sophomore class, but that’s another story). Like me, she’s very straightforward. I always trust her to tell me the truth, even if she knows I won’t like it.

We have plans to rent an apartment together in college (assuming she doesn’t go to Harvard) because we’re both very goal-oriented and organized (well, she’s a hell of a lot more organized than I am). She’s one of the few people with whom I can respectfully disagree about “the big issues” in life and still remain such strong friends with. She’s very intelligent, intimidatingly so, and I would’ve failed history twice if not for her constructive criticism on all of my essays.

Besides her lovely personality, she’s very pretty. She had a really nice nose (sorry dear, but it’s true) and these gorgeous green eyes that look really nice with bright purple eyeshadow. She has good taste in clothing, particularily skirts. She has A LOT of skirts. Nice ones, though. And shoes.

And another thing, possibility the most inportant attribute of all: she’s really good about sharing food. If you ask for a piece of her cookie, she will literally break off more than half the cookie and then offer your five more. I’ve never met anyone so generous with their victuals.

Well that just about wraps it up! In short, she’s amazing and I love her:)


2 Responses to “My Friend the Incorrigible Juju”

  1. Daily Life of Pets June 13, 2013 at 7:08 pm #

    English geek: I request that you don’t use “nutty”, long, complicated, and “by and large” uncommon words. I’m in summer mode… be kind to the juju.

    But really, your words are beyond kind and I’m super lucky to even know you 🙂

    • Olivia June 13, 2013 at 7:09 pm #

      I know not of what you speak, peasant! And you deserve them:)

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