11 Jun

Like I’ve mentioned before, my grandmother’s cooking is sublime.

Breakfast: Omelet(te) and fruit. But not the normal kind. Granted, it was just eggs, parmesan cheese, and herbs. But she adds some sort of special magic to it that makes it taste like heaven.

Lunch: Cauliflower with eggs, ham, and parsley. You’d think this would be a terrible combination, but the cauliflower is an amazing substitute for potatoes which, besides tasting like nothing, aren’t very healthy. The cauliflower was chopped into little bits and combined with scrambled eggs, meat, and the green stuff. Sooo good:)

Dinner: Breaded chicken that managed to be crispy even though it wasn’t fried, pasta, pea soup, and salad. Unfortunately I was still full from lunch and only had room for the soup and chicken with a few red peppers on the side. Her cooking is such that I wish I had a bigger stomach just to accommodate all of the amazing foods.

I wish I had pictures but a) I don’t like taking pictures of my food, I’ll leave that to hipsters and chefs and b) I ate it too quickly to bother. I hope all of you are enjoying the summer and eating tasty things as well:) Cheers!


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