11 Jun

I’m not sure how many people realize how truly unique their eyes are. Even between family members, eyes can be strikingly different.

To me, eyes don’t need to be large and sparkling to be beautiful. They don’t even need to be female. Guys can have nice eyes, too.

Since getting into makeup, I see everyone’s face as a blank canvas for me to color in like a psychotic 2 year-old. But in some cases, I wish I carried around makeup remover so that I could wipe the black eyeliner and mascara and blush and lip liner OFF your face and expose your eyes for what they are. Makeup should enhance your natural features, not cover them up to the point of masking them completely.

I’ve always been afraid that I’ll wear makeup so often that I’ll become used to what my eyes look like with it and dislike them without it. I think everyone should have an appreciation, if not a love, of their natural appearance. All eyes are beautiful, honestly. “Asian” (monolid) eyes are exotic and look so nice with thick eyeliner and gold and pink eyeshadow. Hooded eyes are beautiful because you can wear bright colors on the lid and have them sort of peek out when you blink. There isn’t a pair of eyes that isn’t beautiful. Sorry to get all sappy, but it’s true.


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