The Movie Candy Conundrum

9 Jun

Theater concessions are really expensive. We all gripe and groan about it, but we’d all secretly buy those overpriced little boxes of goodness if they were twice what they are now. Our experiences have taught our brains to associate movies with food.

On the afternoon of June 8th, this young moviegoer hacked the system. I bought candy from the store and brought it with me. Shocking, isn’t it? Next time you’re going to the movies, drop by your local gas station and pick up a box (or 2). Then smuggle in your prize concealed beneath a jacket, because all theaters are freezing, even in mid-July. That extra detour will save you about 75% off each box and the satisfaction of bypassing the long line of patrons yelling at the near-deaf cashier for extra X-tra Cheesy Butter Sprinkles on their popcorn bucket.



Think inside the box!

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