How It Feels To Be Understood

8 Jun

Today, my grandparents drove from Michigan to stay with my family for a week. These are the ultra-conservative people that take one look at their beloved granddaughter and loudly harp upon every item of clothing attached to my body. It’s too “flashy,” too “childish,” just a “phase I’m going through.” Then they pull out a bag of ‘gifts’: clothing, shoes, and purses that they consider “elegant and refined, for a young lady.” I’m going to sound selfish and ungrateful when I say this, but their fashion choices make me feel like I’ve done something wrong. Like I’ve made a mistake somewhere along the way, attempting to express my individuality, and they’ve taken it upon themselves to rectify it.

This little game has been going on fot years, and I’ve finally taken a stand. I’ve admitted that yes, my choice of attire may be colorful, textured, and sparkly. This doesn’t mean that I will never be “elegant” and “classy,” just that I’m not right now. And today, I received proof that I’d gotten through to them.


It’s a charm bracelet filled with tiny, colorful, sparkling shoes. Just the sort of thing I’d buy myself. Sometimes that’s all it takes.


One Response to “How It Feels To Be Understood”

  1. madgirlblue200 June 9, 2013 at 4:57 pm #

    This is great writing chica. And I think you dress classy. You know there is no such thing as unoriginal class.

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