That Phase She’s Going Through

7 Jun

I’ve been through a lot in my short life, but anyone could boast the same feat. We’re all a bit self-obsessed, and that’s ok, to a point. I went through a phase recently where I believed that I was the smartest and most important person on the planet. Looking back, I’m ashamed the think of the person I was. Why did anyone still support and love me?

I have seen my 9 year-old sister take this fall as well. She’s my favorite person in the world and a complete sweetheart, but lately she’s been moody, angsty, and rude to everyone who tries to help her, whether it be in math or navigating the thorny briars of girlhood. I feel that I am the only person who has been through this recently enough to help her through it, but I wonder: can it be avoided? Does she need this experience, as I did, to help her to understand her own significance?

My sister at our local ice cream place. It’s not fair that she’s TALL as well as gorgeous and blond:)



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