What’s Special About Today?

6 Jun

When I was younger (and this is still true today), I used to get bored really, really easily. For the most part, I have the attention span of a toddler with ADD. So, to entertain myself, I’d find one unique thing about that particular day and carry it around with me like a prize.

For example, if I’d gotten a new toy (I like(d) small, colorful plastic things), that was special. If I learned something new (how to type, how to ride a bike), that was special. It could be as arbitrary as a bubblegum sucker (cherry or green apple, no exceptions) or as important as getting my driver’s license (a little more recent). Finding something special about the day made each day unique. Separate. Distinct.

So there’s one of my idiosyncrasies, what are yours?

(Today I got a new ring. It’s a peacock and it’s SPARKLY. Sometimes that’s all it takes.)



Think inside the box!

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