Summer Blues

6 Jun

I could honestly not be any sadder about leaving school right now.

I think school is one of those things that we tell ourselves we hate because, well, everyone hates school. And admittedly, I don’t enjoy the workload, the end-of-year cramming, the finals, or the roller coaster of stress and disappointment. But the camaraderie of it, the mutual hatred even, is what makes it enjoyable (irony abounds). Although, as an introvert, I usually hate being in the middle of large crowds of people for extended periods of time (especially those with the personal hygiene habits of the average high schooler), I love the assurance of seeing my (quite amazing) friends every day. If I do move this summer, I’ll leave that behind, and school will be hell. But for now, I’m sad to be leaving.

Could we have another month or so? Just enough time to realize what I had.


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