My Last Day Experience

6 Jun

Today was my last day of school. I only had one final, so I ended up leaving around 9:00. Basically I woke up and got ready so that I could take my 20-minute gym final, which consisted of detailing my fitness plan when I’m 54 (move as little as possible) and running a couple miles. No sweat (pun intended).

After I got home, I realized I’d forgotten to clean out my locker. Normally I would’ve said “screw it” and continued my comatose couch-lounging, but I had a rather expensive jacket in there that I didn’t want to be responsible for replacing. So I drove back to school, where the second finals were apparently ending, because the parking lot was PACKED. I mean, wall-to-wall, aggressive parentals swerving everywhere, no parking in sight. So I parked semi-illegally on a random corner, intending to only be gone a few minutes. That’s when the fun started.

Apparently, there’s some idiot every year who thinks that the most original and hilarious prank ever is the pull the fire alarm. Last year it went off 3 times before they caught the guy who did it. This year, it went off just as I got to the door, leaving me in a writhing mass of students, backpacks, and cars.

I had to wait an extra 20 minutes just to get inside, where I was yelled at by not one, but two faculty members for wearing a hat. I felt like flipping them the bird considering I was only in there to get my stupid jacket, but I resisted temptation.

Luckily I managed to get out of there without a scratch and only 2 honks in my direction. The moral of the story is: I don’t even know, I just needed to share this lovely last day experience with all ya’ll.

How was your last day?


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