Deleting Your Past

1 Jun

I often stumble upon embarrassing pieces of my past memorialized “forever” in social networks, old Word documents, or even tangible photos (the ones printed on actual paper, what a concept). My fingers always itch to delete/incinerate them. I control this urge by rationalizing that someday, I’ll look back on them and have a good laugh.

I think we all hate and are embarrassed by the person that we used to be, but it’s beneficial to realize that in a few more years, you’ll hate your current self in the same way. Not comforting, but beneficial to put it into perspective. As often as you feel the need to delete anything and everything that can tie the strong, independent person you are today to your past’s alter ego, DON’T.

Instead of harboring resentment against that past self, forgive ’em. They didn’t know where their actions would take them years from then. And if someone brings it up, be mature about it: look them directly in the eye (or, in my case, somewhere around waist-level, akin to a very angry midget), firmly Hulk-stomp their toes, turn around and raise your middle finger high as you march proudly away, screaming obscenities. Problem solved.


Think inside the box!

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