Creased Envy

18 May

Hey there friends.DSC07294

I made a mess today. Yesss, it’s meant to be all creased like that. I used my eBay flash palette dupe and those face paints don’t set. I also did it all with my fingers, because I am a lazy child.

creased envy 2

Oh, how I wish my eyebrows grew in like that…

creased envy 4

Makin’ some fierce faces because why not.

Hey, would anyone like to see more prom looks? I posted mine here but I could of course take requests :) Colors, sparkles, lip colors?

creased envy

Products used:

♦ iMagic Flash Color Case (black, green, yellow, white)- these are cream colors that do not set, basically grease paints

♦ Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

Thoughts? Do I need to start doing “normal” makeup again??

xx Olive

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Prom 2015 | Makeup, Dress, Pictures

12 May

Hey there friends. Long time no see, but you know the inspiration fairy only visits when she’s not being a massive lazy b*tch.

prom 2015 5prom 2015 3

Aaaanywho, I figured I’d at least briefly recap this year’s prom. As proms go, it was pretty average- bad music, decent food, great people.

prom 2015

For makeup I went pretty light (for prom, at least). Shiny peachy and purple eyeshadow with a bit of mascara and NO EYELINER *GASPPP*. It was behind glasses, which I decided to wear for comfort.

prom 2015 4  prom 2015 6

Click the pictures to embiggify.

prom 2015 8

And here is the boy. We look pretty gud, I think.prom 2015 9

All us girls look fantastic, of course :D

I hope that if you’re little and high school-y like me, you had or will have an excellent prom. Don’t drive n drive :)


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A Year of Good Days

2 May

A year ago, I started recording good days. It didn’t take much to make the list.

After a while, I started to notice I was recording more experiences than materialistic things (like gifts or the spoils of a shopping trip). This coming from the girl who’ll always choose new makeup over an afternoon with the family, it’s a pretty significant change for the better…maybe. I do enjoy makeup.

Anywho, here are some of my favorites :) I’ve left out a bunch of movies because I discovered I see far too many movies and it disturbed me a lil bit.

April 27, 2014: went to Sephora for the first time

I didn’t even buy much (ok, maybe five things), it was just the experience of walking through those shiny aisles that made the list.

May 12: talked to a friend about her depression and convinced her to talk to a therapist

May 21: physics field trip to Valleyfair (amusement park in Minnesota)

May 31: turned my friend into half a drag queen (I have pictures!!)

June 4: choir teacher complimented my voice and range, noted improvement from beginning of semester

I don’t really sing, but I needed the arts credit and I actually did enjoy learning more about music as I’m not musically talented.

June 10: double feature at the theater buttt we only paid once (Edge of Tomorrow and X-Men)

I know, such rebels :P

July 9: bike ride with Maddie, picked raspberries and waded in the river, which was filthy

Week of July 18: MS TRAM bike ride across southern MN, 300 miles of misery and homemade hotdogs (post on that here)

September 15: short haircut

Yeah, I love my hair. I’m vain, ok?

October 18: quit my job at JC Penney

Word to the wise: never work in the women’s department of JCP unless you want to spend 8 hours a day cleaning up other people’s shit.

November 13: skipped school and went to the movies instead

Basically a criminal.

New Years 2015: spent a month with my friend’s family

March 21: went to the science museum for my late birthday present

Because I’m still a little kid and I loooove science. Except not chemistry.

So there’s my year. My little sister claims that it’s stupid how people live for the good moments that are always few and far between, but she’s an angsty tween and I wouldn’t take her word for it.



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