2 in 1 | Bluezz v. Floating Cut Crease

6 Oct

Hey there friends. Oopshaven’tpostedinlikeninedays. Ignore that. Chop chop!

erratic 2

I did this look after being mega hugely inspired by Brie (@naturallyerratic) on Instagram. She just has the craziest precision with liner and shadow. Aaaanywho, here’s that using mostly the NYX Avant Pop Art Throb palette.DSC08720erratic

This next one is super simple, I do realize, but I enjoy it tremendously nonetheless.floating

Eyeball intensity. DSC08732

I’m halfway done with 100 Days of Makeup on Instagram (I’ve been cheating a bit, but what’s a college student to do?) and I’m feeling a bit uninspired. Any ideas? Even a random color combo might lift me from the fog. Sooo dramatic… ;)

xx Olive

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Review | Influenster Homecoming VoxBox

5 Oct

Hey there friends. I got another Influenster box, Homecoming themed. Ah, homecoming. Now that I’m a grown-ass college student, I can barely remember those days. *brandishes cane*

These items were provided for review, but all opinions belong to meeeeee. Let’s get started.

  • Kettle Brand Potato Chips

Holy shit these chips were THE. BOMB. DIGGITY. I’m not usually a potato chip person (I’m a regular person person, thanks) and I HATE strongly dislike spicy foods (Midwest represent). But I ate these in about ten minutes while working on a paper watching Youtube. The spiciness did not detract from the tasty “Pepperoncini” taste, whatever that may be. Seriously considering buying a huge bag of these.

  • Olay Active Botanicals Refreshing Gel Cleanser

I’ve been using this every day for my nighttime cleanser since I don’t like to use acne wash twice a day. It’s supposed to be moisturizing, and I will admit my skin doesn’t feel tight or dry after using though. It’s got a very generic scent and I feel like it doesn’t do much for my skin, but I’ll definitely use it all.

  • Red Vines

I don’t particularly care for licorice, so I’ll be passing these on.

  • Luden’s Throat Drops

Haven’t been sick yet (crossing my fingers this lasts through midterms), but I would eat these as candy. Funny thing is, they’re watermelon flavored, which I usually hate, but they are taaaayyystaaayyy.

  • SinfulColors SinfulShine Nail Polish

I appreciate that they included a top coat with this. Haven’t used it yet but the color is gorgeous, a kind of deep taupey grey.

That concludes my VoxBox review. *da daaaa* Pretty decent box, the chips were definitely my favorite.

xx Olive

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Quick Share of a Mint Green Lipstick

27 Sep

Yep. This is Colour Pop Charm, and it’s ahhhhmaaagawwwdddsshhh. I got it months ago and realized I’d never shared it. Bad, bad.


Yeah, ignore my applications skills please. I took this off ~10 minutes before work and worried the rest of the shift that I had green smeared around my mouth somewhere.colour pop charmed

It’s not usually this glossy; I added some clear gloss for interest and texture and shit, but it kinda messed with the opacity of the lipstick. Grumpity grump grump.DSC09386

xx Olive

Follow me around! I post a bunch of blog previews and other neat junk.

♦ Instagram @eyehavealotoffeelings

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