Splatter Paint Lip Art

21 Aug

Hey there friends. Finally started experimenting with the splatter painting thing that’s been goin’ around. Funny story at the end..


I really want to try this on my eyes next time!! It was ridiculously simple and ridiculously messy, as is to be expected.splatter lip  DSC08311

Alright, funny story time. Soooo I was looking for a brush to do the splatter, and I figured why not use my toothbrush head? It’s kinda old and needs replacing. So I grabbed it and covered it in water and bright blue and purple pigments and got my splatter ONNNN. A few hours later I realized I had no extra brush head. Yep, you guessed it, I had to use that one. It didn’t stain my teeth, butttt moral of the story…check yoself before you wreck yoself.DSC08316

xx Olive

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2 in 1 | Alien v. Cobalt Smoky

12 Aug

Hey there friends. In order to maximize the amount of makeup I’m getting out here on the blog (considering how much I do, which is…a lot), I’ll be doing a two-in-one kinda deal where you can, if you wish, pick your favorite of two very different looks. Sooo…here we go :)DSC08398

Our first contestant is a pretty staple Olive look. I used to do that eyeshadow shape a loooot when I was starting makeup because, I dunno, it’s easy and it flatters ma eyeballz. I evidently was not in the mood for winged eyeliner, a rarity.

bleach brows

Our second contestant is the ugly duckling, for certain. She’s a weird alien-esque runway type look. I was thinking along the lines of layering different colors to achieve something strange and tonal. I’m also really into faking depth that I do not have (my eyelids are very…convex). I ran some concealer through my brows and lashes to lighten them, which looks horrible but also I kind of want that to be my brows forever.

cobalt 2

And back to this dude. I need to get better at collaging, amirite?bleach brows 2

Hugely inspired by @makeupbyursula on the ‘stagrams, I added some pink lipgloss with blue sparkles. It’s..interesting, isn’t it? By the way, I totally do not own a ring light, it’s just my lighted mirror. Works just as well, methinks.


Is this too many pictures? Tell me if this is too many pictures.cobalt 3 DSC08380

She says, as she posts more pictures.cobalt   DSC08397

So which do you prefer? I think mine is pretty obvious considering the number of pictures I shared of it, but ya know, I’m a pretty basic bitch. If you have questions on any products used, I live to serve.

xx Olive

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Flash Gordon Lip Art

11 Aug

Hey there friends. Instagram challenges make me do weird things.

flash gordon 2

Confession time, though: I’ve never seen the movie. I’m just familiar with the character and I’m kinda a sucker for anything superheroes.

flash gordon 3

Things I must practice: not getting lipgloss on my teeth. Yeah, no, they’re just naturally gold-reflecting. Totes normal. No lipgloss here.DSC08162

I did another lip art a couple days after this one, and boy, I really overdrew my top lip. I’m just telling you this in advance so you can prepare for the lulz. It did look neato at the time though, so I let it be magnificently huge.flash gordon

Thoughts? I won’t bother listing products but if you have a queeeeestion, just ask :)

xx Olive

Follow me around! I post a bunch of blog previews and other neat junk.

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